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Cuda x Daisho Litter

2 females and 1 male were born 2-14-2017. Vivid is our pick from this litter, the other female and the male are owned by Daisho's owner, Lynda Myers of Taskmaster Kennels

This litter was small but produced well.

Smudge, the male from Cuda x Daisho, is owned by Daisho's owner. He is a powerful and serious dog. Smudge has good prey drive but when he does bitework it is a serious business and he is very "civil." No handler aggression, very strong bond to his handler and very intelligent and trainable with good nerve. He is not a social dog. Below is a video of his very first exposure to the suit. Please note, Smudge had very little work at this point and had no out. As in... he had never been taught what an out is/to let go of anything. Not that he is refusing to out, he had no concept of it.



Bandi, the other female from this litter is also owned by Lynda Myers (Daisho's owner) She is a small but very very beautifully put together bitch


Our male, Cuda was the sire for this litter. His information can be found on his page HERE



Chestnut's Little Makawee
"Daisho" is a very nice bitch produced by the kennel Chestnuts's Little Indians in Germany, and owned by Lynda Myers of Task Masters Kennel. She is a smaller, compact bitch at 22" and 65#, with good working conformation, excellent angulation and muzzle length, great wind and clean breathing. Daisho has super solid nerve, is a very trainable, intelligent, resilient, HARD bitch. Fast, athletic, with very high prey/toy/object and food drive. She is a social, happy dog with a high threshold for defense and no dog aggression. Pictures and videos of her working can be found at the bottom of this page.

Daisho's pedigree is absolutely full of great working dogs. She is very tightly bred on the legendary working dog Chestnut's Little Cherokee of SAB SchH3, IPO3, BST 2 , AD, RHF-B, aka Ozzy. Both her Sire and Dam are SchH3 - they were both sired by Ozzy and their dams Bam-Bam and Wanda are littermates. Bam-Bam and Wanda are linebred on Symmes' Rip'n Woody and the old foundation hybrid Sure Grips, Banuelos, and Jaws of Stone dogs.

The Chestnut's dogs are world renowned for their working ability and the CONSISTENCY in producing that ability. Daisho has several full and half siblings titled in IPO. Many more cousins and aunts and uncles titled in IPO and also French Ring. 

A list of titled dogs produced by the Chestnut's Little Indians Kennel can be found here:
Daisho is an NCL carrier (ICH clear), and has normal elbows.
Cuda is NCL clear by parentage
Daisho's hip and elbow XRays (please note, her elbows were graded normal):
Note: Pictures and Video provided below are from Daisho's first owner, Jesus Alvarez, when she was named Cadence and in training for French Ring.

The pictures and video links below are of Daisho in her new home, in training for IPO.








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