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Which puppy a person receives is based on what each person is looking for in a puppy. First picks are always either staying here with us or placed as co-own with breeding rights, as our reason for breeding is to produce more dogs for ourselves and our program. 

For more detailed information on picks please see the Puppy Picks page HERE

We register with ABA (American Bulldog Association) primarily,  but our dogs are also registered or registerable with UKC and/or NKC.

We recently switched our naming and Registration process for our litters. Previously, litters were referred to by the name of the Sire and the name of the Dam. Puppies had no naming structure aside from including our kennel name. Moving forward puppies will be registered under the Alphabet Naming System, this allows everyone to keep track of their puppy's littermates much easier, and allows for much easier organization.


How the Alphabet Naming System works is each litter has a letter, for example the A litter. All puppies must be registered with their name starting with our kennel name (Ferocia) and then the letter A. This does not have to be what you call your dog in every day life, a registered name can be completely unrelated to their call name! For example we use Latin for all of our dogs registered names, but their call name is not part of their registered name. So, if you look at our girl Vivid, her registered name is Animus Ignea. You also have the option to use an apostrophe, for example you can name your puppy Lucky, and for their registered name they can be Ferocia's A'Lucky. Or you can get creative! You want to call your new puppy Lucky, and their registered name could be Ferocia's A Lucky Choice or Ferocia's A Stroke of Luck. Etc. 

We have both Puppy Culture AND AviDog, and follow a unque protocol best suited to our breed and breeding purposes with our puppies/litters, that shares many things with both programs. 


DEPOSIT of $250 is required in order to be placed on the wait list and goes towards the purchase price of your puppy. Deposits are non refundable, but if a puppy is not available that meets your criteria your deposit will be transferred to a future litter.


Picks are not made until the puppies are fully evaluated, which occurs between the ages of 6 and 8 weeks. Ferocia kennels and those involved in each breeding will determine picks, in order to ensure the best fit between puppy and new owner. If more than one pup are very similar and will suit your needs, your opinion and preference will be taken into account. Please read the Puppy Picks page for full information about this process.


For a Working Pick Puppy, please fill out the WORKING PUPPY APPLICATION


For an Active Companion Puppy, please fill out the ACTIVE PUPPY APPLICATION

All applicants will be asked to go through the separate application process through our Good Dog profile, as we prefer to process deposits and payments through their secure breeder specific platform. Good Dog's payment platform is uniquely created for breeders and puppy buyers, and offers the most peace of mind for all involved.  VIEW OUR GOOD DOG PROFILE HERE

Life happens and sometimes people are unable to take a puppy they have reserved. Even if we have a long waiting list, don't hesitate to contact us about a litter you are interested in. There is always a chance that a suitable puppy will become available, or we may have another puppy that will suit your needs.

Puppies are $1,800 with a $250 non refundable deposit. Prices will always be stated with litter announcements. The balance of total cost (puppy price minus deposit) is due when picks are made, before puppies go to their new homes.

Puppies are microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, and vet checked prior to going home. Our puppies are sent home with a puppy package that includes training and behavior information, their registration papers, health/vaccination record, food they have been raised on, collar and leash, toys, chewy items, and a supplement mix called Dogzymes PhytoFlex made by Nature's Farmacy. Please see our Supplements page for more info on Dogzymes/Nature's Farmacy products. Our puppies also come with 30 days FREE insurance through Trupanion. 

Information on what and how we feed can be found on the Nutrition page of this site.






Planned Breedings

2024 Breeding Plans - On Hold

Glory will be bred in late 2024/early 2025 for her first litter, as the timing of her heats threw off my breeding plans for her in 2024.

Dragon may have outside breedings in 2024, information TBA

All 2023 litters have been born and placed.

Vivid x Mucho B Litter 2.0

Puppies born May 6th, 2023 - none available

Co Breeding with Valor ABs and Sandhill ABs:

Roxy(Vivid x Cuda) x Darwin

Puppies born 1-26-2023 - none available

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