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Cuda was our main man here at Ferocia Kennels. He was a dog of many talents. Two time National Vice Champion in mondioring, steadfast protector of home and handler, up for anything at any time. From water retrieving to lure coursing to obstacle courses and obedience demos. 


As a working dog, Cuda had a lot of heart and drive. He was extremely easy to motivate - he would work for any toy, or even a pebble or twig or a leaf I pick up off the ground. Cuda would do a full obedience routine for a chance to bite a stainless steel bowl or even a plastic spoon. Everything he did, he did with enthusiasm.


He could take a tremendous amount of pressure from the handler without shutting down, showing much stress, or becoming hectic. He had a very clear head while working, and even though he was physically hard to correction, he was a biddable dog that had a very strong bond and was eager to please. One thing of note about Cuda was his intelligence and incredible retention in training. He picked up on new behaviors very quickly and he retained what he learned exceptionally well, without much maintenance work.


Cuda had high food drive, high prey/ball/toy/object drive, good hunt drive, and high energy level. He settled well in the house and was a very easy dog to live with as long as he had some mental and physical stimulation (training and/or work) He had participated in ADBA Top Dog events and taken ribbons in Lure Course and hit over 10' on the wall climb.  Cuda would do anything I asked of him and put his heart into every task. What he loved best is to BITE! He had a natural full mouth bite and a push-pull-full body thrash style to his work. 


He was a happy, social dog with a high threshold for defense, which means he did not easily register a threat in daily life or while working. He showed strong territorial aggression and hadmoderate possession. His high level of confidence and naturally social temperament made for a very stable dog that worked through very high levels of pressure from the helper or decoy without becoming stressed or feeling threatened. He was tested in various scenarios for personal protection and he did very well in this capacity. His first exposure to a hidden sleeve, he did not hesitate and bit very hard and full, working powerfully under heavy pressure. 


He was dominant but not dog aggressive or reactive, and was excellent with females and puppies. Cuda had been used as a demo dog for my training business, participating in various classes and acting as the non reactive dog when assisting with dog aggressive/dog reactive client dogs.


Physically, Cuda was a hybrid dog pedigree and was standard in type. He had nice long legs and is fairly tall for his weight, being 25" and 87# working weight. He had a nice straight front and rear, good bone, and excellent angulation. He had a nice head with a well defined stop, good muzzle length, well set medium sized ears, and good pigment. Cuda had a mouth full of big, strong teeth and a level bite.

Cuda only sired 3 litters in his life and his offspring are all very precious to me. As a stud he produced all standard/hybrid type dogs, and a lot of aggression and drive. 

Cuda is no longer available at stud, he passed at 13 years and 3months in October of 2021, and is very missed.


Cuda's accomplishments include:


His first trial in 2011 hosted by Atlas K9/Santa Clarita Mondio Trial in Oxnard, California, Cuda scored a 162.5/200 and placed 2nd of 8 dogs under judge Valeer Linclau(Belgium) and decoys Josh McCleary and David Bilik.


His second trial was the 2012 USMRA Nationals hosted by SoCal Mondio Club in Costa Mesa, California, Cuda scored a 177/200 and placed 2nd of 6 dogs under judge William Langlois(France) and decoys Sean Miller, Jake Schneider, and Josh McCleary. Cuda also won the Best Non Malinois trophy.


His next trial was at the 2013 USMRA Nationals hosted by Rogue Ringsport in Rush City, Minnesota, Cuda scored a 230/300(not a qualifying score) and placed 2nd of 4 dogs under  judge Patric Corpataux(Switzerland) and decoys Dennis Bilik, Sean Miller, and Josh McCleary. Cuda also won the Best Escort MR2 trophy, and Decoy's Choice

His OFA page is here:




Bark and Hold
Cuda Search and Escort
USMRA Nationals 2013
USMRA Nationals 2013
USMRA Nationasl 2013
USMRA Nationals 2013
Face Attack
Face Attack
Face attack
Face Attack
2013 USMRA Nationals Flee Attack
2013 USMRA Nationals Palisade
DIW MR2 Defense of Handler
First Civil Session
Water Loving Dog
Water Retrieving
Retrieve - Training
IPO Sleeve
Cuda, Obedience, focused heel
Striking a Pose
Cuda - Training
Handsome Boy
Lure Coursing
Lure Coursing
First Civil Session




Cuda, trial video from Mondioring Casino trial April 3rd, 2015 (please watch entire video to the end! Cuda's bitework is in here)


Cuda, Search for an Object/Scent Discrimination exercise from Friday, April 3rd trial:


Cuda, Face attack w/accessories from Monday, April 6th trial:


Cuda, Face attack over obstacle from Monday, April 6th trial:


Cuda, Search for an Object/Scent Discrimination exercise from Monday, April 6th trial:


Cuda, introduction to water as an accessory (bungee work)


Mondioring Training with Jimmy V


Search and Escort Training with Jimmy V


Just a "for fun" video I took on my old cell phone of Cuda barking for his bite wedge


Cuda Hunt Drive


Cuda Heat Tolerance


Cuda, early summer 2014, fun at the lake/water retrieving


More videos available upon request





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