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B Litter
Vivid x Mucho

***Litter Born May 6th, 2023, All Puppies are Spoken For***

Puppies from this litter are expected to be standard in type with large blocky bulldog heads that maintain good length of muzzle. Muscular but not overdone and having proper length of leg for speed, athleticism, and agility. Normal size range for the breed, I expect males 80-100# and females 60-80#. This litter will produce mostly white puppies, with the only markings expected to be brindle or red/fawn eye patches and maybe small patches on the body and base of tail. 

This is a very exciting litter for us and working pick female will be kept here at Ferocia Kennels, with working pick male reserved for an experienced working home. This is a loose linebreeding back to the dogs and lines that produced our foundation dog, Cuda (Vivid's sire) I expect good nerve, drive, and excellent stable temperaments from this breeding. Dogs that have a zest for life, and are happy, devoted family companions and guardians.

Puppies from this litter are $1500, with a deposit of $250 required to be added to the wait list for this litter. There is already a wait list for this litter, if you are interested in a puppy from this breeding please submit an application via Good Dog HERE.

MPKennel's Muchacho

Mucho is a dog we have had our eye on for several years now and are SO excited to finally be able to use him for our program. 

Mucho is a very healthy, agile, powerful boy. He is about 85#, good length of leg and well muscled without being bulky. He has great nerve, lots of drive for work, great off switch in the house, and a very even temperament. He is not dog aggressive and is very dog appropriate/not reactive. He is an intelligent and trainable dog that is handler focused and biddable.


Mucho has an IGP BH title, is tested Clear of NCL, Ichthyosis, HUU, DM, CMR1, and NM. His PennHip score is in the 90th percentile for the breed at .29 .34 with no radiographic evidence of OA. See the slideshow below for the PennHip report. Link to his DNA tests is here: EMBARK RESULTS



Vivid is my sassy, spicy, silly girl. She has endless energy when it’s time to go do things and is exceptionally agile, fast, and athletic. She absolutely adores children and babies, and is an outgoing, social girl in public. She is a great house dog that is happy to nap and snuggle on the couch as long as she gets her daily exercise. Goofy, silly, bouncy, and opinionated are great words to describe her.  Vivid is 24" tall with a lean but well muscled build at 75#. 

Vivid was prelimed for OFA at a couple days shy of 18mo(we consider it to be 18mo) and results were Excellent hips and Normal elbows. She is tested Clear of NCL, Ichthyosis, HUU, DM, and CMR1. Links and images for her health testing as well as additional pictures can be found on her main page HERE


She has produced excellent temperaments in her previous litters and we expect no less from this one.

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