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Ferocia's sanguis draconis

Sanguis Draconis is Latin for Blood of the Dragon. 

Dragon was born 5-13-2018. He is a tall dog at just under 26" and weighs around 90#. He is Embarked and is clear of NCL, ICH, DM, CMR1, and HUU. He is OFA'd Elbows Normal, Shoulders Normal, Cardiac Normal, Patella Normal, and Full Dentition. PennHip .52 .55  


He is the product of a very tight breeding on Cuda. Please note that this type of inbreeding is not a frequent or common thing here at Ferocia kennels and does not represent the breeding program as a whole. Dragon is exactly what we could have hoped for in this combination, he is a driven and intense boy with excellent nerve, tons of will to please and resilience to the handler. He is a serious dog that fulfills his primary role as home and property guardian/protection dog very well, but he is a very safe and stable tempered dog in public.


Dragon is not available for public stud, but under very specific circumstances could be used on a quality female that we would like to keep back puppies from or otherwise meets our criteria of health and temperament.

He obtained his UKC CH in two weekends and is a very promising working dog. He got a late start working but hoping to title him in PSA. Videos are up on the Facebook page and YouTube.

His Embark page is here:

His OFA page is here:

Please note the images below include his youth and adolescence, before full maturity.


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